Who Are Y’all?

“You mean you both don’t have to work anymore? At your age? So why are you still working?”

My wife and I achieved Financial Independence (FI) at ages 35 (me) and 33 (my wife), through a combination of a lot of hard work and good fortune. We hail from Austin, TX, a very hot but awesome city (so you can expect to see plenty of “y’all’s”).

Our main goals for this site are:

  • Introduce more people to the FI community, and hopefully motivate a lot of you to seriously pursue FI
  • Reveal the many tips/tricks/techniques/mindsets we’ve honed to achieve FI faster
  • Provide tools we’ve built ourselves because we couldn’t find them elsewhere
Wondering what we mean by “Financial Independence”? Check out our explanation.

A bit about myself:

I’m an engineer to the core. With a BS, MS, and PhD in Aerospace Engineering, and about a decade of engineering industry experience, I definitely fit the engineering bill. Folks who have been in the FI community a while are probably not surprised by this admission though, as engineers seem to be disproportionately well represented in the FI universe. BUT, I like to think I’m not a stereotypical engineer that can code but can’t communicate (we’ll see!).

I’m planning to build some fantastic tools and visualization capabilities that communicate really clearly the best choices for big financial decisions. And I plan to bring some hard-nosed engineering logic to a lot of lifestyle decisions that can get you to FI a lot faster. 

A bit about my wife, who plans to make some contributions from time to time:

She’s definitely not an engineer! Though sometimes I think she’s secretly an engineer given how much she loves spreadsheets. She is an amazing artist (who has designed several logos for me, including the logo for this site), she has extensive experience leading and developing people she has managed at her company, and she now works on significant organizational improvements for her company. 

For this site though, we expect her to contribute heavily on DIY projects that involve artistic skill (something I sorely lack) and which will save you a boatload of money, visualizations for the tools we’ll be building, and advice on raising FI-oriented kids.

You can find a crap-ton more detail (probably more than you want) about our journey to FI here.

Why are we still working then? Great question, see our answer here.

Want to get in touch, or have questions? Shoot us a note!