We do a lot of interesting mathematical analysis and writing about Financial Independence (FI) and related topics here at Engineering Your FI. 

Now I know what you’re probably thinking: “Interesting mathematical analysis about FI? That sounds like the best thing since sliced bread! Sign me up!”

In that case, you can start at the first post and work your way forward, OR you check out the Archives page for a listing of all posts, sorted by category.

But if for some crazy reason you’re not into mathematical analysis, I suggest you take a look around the site to see why it’s so awesome. Hint: it’ll get you to FI easier, faster, and better! And if you’re already FI, it’ll help you stay that way. 

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Ten Steps to Become and Stay Financially Independent

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Our Story

We definitely cannot claim to come from significant poverty.
But we certainly were not born into significant wealth either.

Some Cool Tools

I love me some plots. I also love coding up all the math for personal finance decisions like choosing your health insurance and whether you should refinance your mortgage, so it’s much easier / possible to make a good decision.