Engineering Your Financial Independence

Welcome to Engineering Your FI! We have MUCH to discuss.

Here are some questions we’ll tackle:

  • What is Financial Independence (FI)? Is it the same as Early Retirement? What about this FIRE acronym I saw in a news article once?
  • How do I get me some of that FI stuff?
  • How can I use awesome numerical and plotting tools to make the best possible decisions that will deliver me to FI ASAP? For example: Should I refinance my house? What health insurance option should I choose?
  • How do I change my mindset and lifestyle to achieve FI ASAP? AND be overall much happier with my life, even while spending far less money?
  • How can I travel for (almost) free around the world?
  • How do I raise kids in the FI universe?
  • How do I save a ridiculous amount of money doing DIY projects like home repairs?

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