Personal Finance Decision, Tracking, and Projection Tools

Helping You Make Critical Decisions on the Way to FI,
and Looking at Lots of Pretty and Exciting Plots

Accounting for Investment Opportunity Costs – Unlike Every Other Refinance Tool I’ve Seen!

Choosing the Optimum Health Insurance Provider and Plan

Expense Tracking Tool

Tracking All Your Expenses, both Monthly and Yearly

FI Projection Tool

Computing Your Exact Day of Freedom!

How Much Can I Invest?

Projecting Expected Expenses to Compute Exactly How Much You Can Invest Each Month

Credit Card Selection tool

Selecting Your Optimal Next Credit Card

Travel Rewards Credit Card Tracking Tool

Tracking Tasks for Credit Cards You’re Using to Travel for (mostly) Free

Withdrawal Planning Tool

You’re FI / Retired! Time For a Withdrawal Plan – How Best to Withdraw Funds to Minimize Taxes and Maximize Flexibility

Money Saved By Biking

How Much Money You’ll Save By Biking Instead of Driving